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Hi, I am Ness,

Welcome to my Fibromyalgia Blog.

I am a dreamer like the girl in "Bridge to Terabithia"

but not a dainty little American blonde child, more a hefty over 40 British woman with a big smile. I live in my own little world made out of crochet. Being a happy Earth Mama with Fibromyalgia and five sons can be a challenge so I blog my journey of trying to find balance in my world. I paint rainbows as I go and sprinkle some love and glitter.  Life with chronic illness can be magical.


I live my life my way because life over 40 with Fibromyalgia need not be dull when you have a huge smile, a splash of confidence, a sense of humour and a Masters Degree in Life.


It was important to me to show what it is like being a Mum, a woman, a person with Fibromyalgia to raise awareness. I do not share my life for pity or praise, it is simply me flying the flag for us Fibro warriors with a smile.


I am a chronic illness writer for "The Mighty" the disability, disease and mental illness publication with over 150 million readers. Also I am a chronic illness reviewer with the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network



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I am so happy to have you here with me.

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I am also founder and admin for a very successful womens only Fibromyalgia Facebook group.

Women with Fibromyalgia is  an information and support group for women with Fibromyalgia, sharing advice on how best to manage this illness. Our mission is to put real, beautiful faces to an extremely debilitating illness that affects millions around the world. To have our stories told and voices heard to raise awareness and understanding.


If you would like to join us here is a link

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Email: ness@thegirlwiththefivelads.co.uk