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Hello! I'm Ness and welcome to my blog.


The Girl With The Five Lads is a blog started in 2015. There's myself, my five sons, our two dogs and our baby tortoise.


I write a lot about life with fibromyalgia, health and illness, holistic Earth Mamma stuff, personal thoughts, passions and our day to day life together.


I am addicted to happy, tea, cake, Dandelion & Burdock, beautiful souls, random giggles, and crochet. Often you will see me waving the flag for awareness of things I hold strong beliefs about such as mental health, body positivity, invisible illness, love, and unity.


My Earth Mamma, hippie ways keep me smiling. It helps greatly being a qualified Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Advanced Massage therapist and someone who tries to maintain my inner peace.  I try my best each day to love life and create a positive happy existence, some days are easier than others but every day there will always be some small moment to smile about.


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