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Welcome to my Blog. I am a dreamer like the girl in "Bridge to Terabithia" but not a dainty little American blonde child, more a cuddly over 40 British woman with a big smile.  I live in my own little world made out of crochet fueled by hot tea. Being a happy hippy tattooed Earth Mama with Fibromyalgia and five sons can be a challenge so I blog my journey of trying to find balance in my world.  I paint rainbows as I go and sprinkle some love and glitter.

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I love hot water bottles, rainbows, tea and crochet.


If you found me it is possible you either have a Fibromyalgia, you are a woman or a Mummy like me so already we have something massive in common!


Any of these things or simply adulting can make us lose sight of all the wonderful things within our life. It is so easy to lose your smile and the ability to appreciate the simple wonderful things around you. Hopefully, I can help shine some love and light on your smile again.

Hope you enjoy my blog 13077066_1698477230408964_3991086802436209187_n 15032723_711147629032987_3362563521087964076_n

Ness xx

The Girl With The Five Lads is a Fibromyalgia

Lifestyle family blog started in 2015.